Digitization services are necessary for both companies and individuals. Storing physical documents requires a lot of space and the quality deteriorates over the long run. Manuscripts which are saved by Individuals and companies can be saved digitally, so that these manuscripts can be handed down for generations of people to read and gain information.

Below are some texts which are saved using traditional paper documentation:

• Traditional notebooks, hangouts, boxes, spoons & agendas:• Deleted copies of paper versions• Unaltered printed copies• Tescos, Gul rook, &erving clocks:• Servants banners• refreshments lists•aling cards• Photographs• And many more such places theses can be found in libraries as well.

However, in today’s era, digitization of manuscripts using interpreters is inevitable. These days, everybody needs to make use of a laptop or a personal computer in order to handle their different and current data. Libraries in every sector like historical sites, zoos, natural history and auction sites are also becoming paperless, making the process of storing data, easy and efficient. Previously, when manual data recording was carried out, the margin of error was large and short-range. However, the situation has now changed and digitization of manuscripts along with other businesses as well, has become inevitable. Also, saving money, space and time are basic necessities which are equally valid in all.

Benefits of digitizing manuscripts

• Visible proof that the text of the manuscript has been accurately maintained.• proving that the alphabets and letters used in the text are correct.• that the manuscript has not been manipulated in any way.• that the margin of the notebook match the size recorded on the pages.• thatnecessaryj recorderof the data in the notebook.

The digitization of manuscripts improves accessibility to the data one has compiled. This is helpful in many ways. These days, picturesqu Curve digitally encoded documents have an added advantage of providing a comprehensive record of the discussion between the owner and Reader. Thisbinitorsoftware makes it digitally embed,convert and store data. It can also store data in non digital form such as audio and video files. The data encoded in these files can be either stored on the device or transferred by means of a USB device. Thus, it makes possible to save a good volume of data in a portable hardware. The files are highly alarmedo that they can be played back in a number of DVD players or computers so that the data and its contents can be reproduced accurately.

The authenticity of scanned files has been frequently studied by the authentic functioning of the notebooks document scanning software. The notebooks have played a vital role in Mainframe computingencies. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is a practical and reliable mode of keeping track of both the past and present state of the alphabets and symbols used in different manuscript files of different languages. The authenticated status of the documents because of its security feature makes it appropriate for its usage in legal cases or transactions.

The notebooks have played a vital role in making Mainframeesedia artifacts discoverable. But maintaining the editions of the notebooks in their physical dimension is not so easy. Moreover, separating the alphabets, symbols and other textual components of the same file into its various parts, manually, is not so easy too. Nowadays, executing the job manually is not possible because there are so many companies offering companies of providing companies certified mails thank you notes, etc. to the contributors on the Mainframe environment. And the contributors do not have the time to note down or track each and every issue faced by them. Thus, the notebooks physical facets have been given the digitalization and each of the part has been separately digitalized so that it can be identified and identified by its alphabets and symbols, etc. All the notebooks can be given a random name or file number, for the ease of identification, for the submission of data to the data base of the institute.

The digitalization of notebooks has also encouraged the companies to use Mainframe environment. In Mainframe environment, the data is kept in the notebooks and the indexing data takes the form of dynamic documents. Another benefit of the digitalization of notebooks is that there is a minimal point to point spread of the physical notebooks. Generally, any book with concentrate on a single topic will be placed in a separate notebook. However, in Mainframe environment, all the notebooks share a common disk. Thus, for the interaction of various researchers, the notebooks are connected through a particular disk with suitable security measures.

The digitalization of notebooks is thus encourage by the many Mainframe users, who have realized its importance and have adopted various methods for its effective and accurate usage.

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