Attracting women is something that a lot of men have trouble with. In fact a lot of men don’t attract women, they repel women. Here is what I’m talking about…

When you look at a woman from across the room you see something in your gut, well it’s instinct…it’s sort of that basic feel good hormone. Sort of like a hygiene pulse…it’s there and it gets elevated when you really feel attraction for a female.

While men who naturally attract women are not good looking, they are still attractive. I’m sure you’ve seen them, like the guy who is quite the eBay addict, and his house is full of stuff that he has no use for but has ended up in the “list price” category, so to speak.

These people are attractive…they know they are and women are attracted to that…allowing their criteria to be based on logic and cause-and-effect instead of blind faith.

I’m a short guy, I am not good looking, I am not rich and yet many women tell me they are attracted to me and want to get to know me. I’m just an average Joe with love-drinking planet and a chip on his shoulder.

It’s an interesting thing to think about…this attraction thing.

Do you think it’s hardwired into a woman’s brain to get attracted to certain men? I mean the “Spending Generation”, Cyber Life and the Anxiety worshipped at its feet.

Well the truth is-I’m 40 plus, unattractive, overweight and getting tipsy is not a requirement for being attractive to females.

Fortunately this knowledge is now available to all men and I’m excited to share it.

One of the first things you try might be approaching women. Well here is where most guys stumble and panic at approaching women. They have no idea how to start a conversation with a female, so they do nothing…the classic approach.

The question here is…is it too late to approach women?

I mean before you approach a women there has to be an occasions or something which creates the desire to meet you.

There have been studies conducted by demure females, showing that guys who make first contact with women are 7-10 times more likely to be successful with women when they approach a women first.

I don’t know if it’s true but they have indeed proven this.

So how do you introduce yourself for the first time?

While walking around a store for example.

Look to see where the cashiers target people. Make eye contact first…this is the key. Then after you make eye contact and have a slight smile letting them know you found them attractive…you should then talk to them.

You can use one of your openers such as “Can I buy you a drink?”

Close enough to make it not uncomfortable, when you are sure that she is interested then you can proceed with your approach.

It might help to have an ice-breaker ready. Women love talking and if they think that you are just a stranger then chances are they will send you straight over to the reject category.

Be funny. Not funny in a sleazy way but funny in an unexpected way.

Flattering Women

Softly caressing a women could be the best way to start a light-hearted conversation. You can compliment her hair or tell her that she has a nice smile.

Cute little gesture such as touching her arm when she takes a sip of her drink.

Talk about personal stuff they could relate to. Keep it light-hearted for the moment, but once you have a little confidence building up, you will be able to get to a much stronger conversation.

The most important bit of advice here is that you must be in control of the conversation at all times.

Putting your self in the driver’s seat will ensure that the whole process works for you.

Never jump at the first opportunity. Quickly making your way to her.

Touch her on the arm during conversation.

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