Want to find out how to make your kids like you? It’s not as difficult as it seems. Before I had my children I was a failure at relationships. I had six kids before I married my wife and after repeating the same mistake I married her. My marriage fell apart and I had another six kids before I got married the last child died.

It was not easy at all. On the one hand I was a parent, who loved children, and on the other hand I was a divorcee, who had been divorced for 18 years.

I was determined to make my kids like me, or at least like the one who was now in my life, because they were the reason I was single again, and because I didn’t want my life to somehow start repeating itself.

I made some serious efforts to improve my appearance, my financial situation, and my outlook. I was very concerned with my physical appearance because as you might imagine, being divorced is a recipe for a small frame and washboard abs. I wanted to go back to the way I looked at my teenage years, and be able to feel good about the way I carried myself.

I wanted to figure out a way to attract girls so they would consider me a real man. I also wanted to figure out a way to entertain them. I was afraid that once my ex-wife accepted my authority over the kids, I would no longer be able to entertain them. It would be too painful for them to see their father on a date, so I was concerned with entertaining them and entertaining them so that they would accept me over my ex wife.

I eventually found a wonderful woman, who went to my son’s baseball games and was willing to allow me to take my 16 year old son to his games as a replacement coach. She also was willing to accept my 16 year old son at his games. When he realized that I was a true parent, he accepted me over his mother.

I made a lot of efforts to try to get along with my children, but my efforts were sometimes unrequited. I think my children felt that I did not love them, so they forgot to appreciate me, and my other kids helped me get along with my first born child.

My first born child sagely replied, “I will never get along with your mom, dad, you will never get along with my dad.” Which was true.

Another child said, “I want us to be just like the way you and your dad are.” And he was right.

And finally, after many tears, an accomplished divorcee, who put children before me, eloquently told me that I should not try to make my child like me.

I was truly saddened by this little boy’s confession that he would rather God than me. But, I also had to seriously consider if I was willing to deal with the minefield of dealing with my own ego, and how life with my kids would be compared to dealing with the ego of a divorcee who had children, with me over my ex wife. I decided that it was not worth the pain and heartache if I were to go through the loss of a marriage to myself or my children, before God.

I said goodbye as my biological children, who had each of us issues, looked on with sadness and loss for the first time. I said good-bye as they are now happily dating people. I married the man who would eventually become my husband. I looked back on that place in my life as a place called ‘conflict’. I said goodbye to that relationship because I was a divorcee, and divorce is a walk in the park compared to post break up. There is no easy way to say that it was the best thing for my children, because there are so many emotions that come with it, but I willingly left my children not because there was something wrong with them, but because removing me from their lives for a time was the best thing.

There is nothing wrong with you personally, if anything you are an amazing human being. You just made a huge mistake.

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